Stress levels
Know your stress load to maintain balance and guide your stress management.
Training adaptation
Evaluate how your body reacts to your training regimen to optimize progress.
Life force
Know your daily task handling capability and readiness to tackle challenges.
Recovery needs
Know your recovery status and needs to improve your recovery strategies.
Overall health
Identify health risks and guide lifestyle modifications to improve long-term health outcomes.

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Ryan Murphy, Swimmer, 2-time Olympian; 6-time Olympic medalist, World Record Holder

Summa Hormone Monitoring Kit

Ideal for Athletes, Biohackers and Wellness Professionals.

Summa Home Kit includes:

  • 7-day hormone monitoring period
  • Shipments
  • Summa iOS app
  • Feedback session

Track lifestyle, diet and exercise to understand their effects on hormones.
Learn to identify patterns and make adjustments for optimal health.

How It Works:
  • Order
  • Receive your Home Kit
  • Collect and scan: One saliva test per evening
  • Storage in the freezer
  • Return shipment to Summa Lab
  • Debrief analysis
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